The idea that Club Imprimerie put forth was that of the optimisation and pooling of a large range of services.


Daniel Desrosiers, who worked at that time for a print shop, bemoaned the fact that he was unable to offer to his clients the services they required. In fact, the equipment and technology to which he had access prevented him from being competitive beyond a limited number of formats, number of
colours, and speeds. The idea creating brokerage house in the printing sector and doing business with specialized companies in order to better serve the client base, seemed like the optimal solution for offering more products, better quality, and competitive prices.

Founded in 1995, Club Imprimerie now serves many businesses in the province of Quebec, offering a vast array of products and services, according to client demand. A second office opened in Montreal in 1997 with Gilles Bouchard who has been at its head from its inception.

In 2011, there was change in the wind for Club Imprimerie. Following 15 years as the company’s head, Mr. Desrosiers decided to retire and passed the torch to his two senior sales representatives, both with several years of solid experience to their credit. Then, in March 2013, Matthieu Desrosiers and Marc-André Fréchette aquired Club Imprimerie (Quebec office), turning it into a second generation business.

Presently, several specialist and businesses work in tandem with Club Imprimerie as suppliers. This business alliance translates into a purchasing power that benefits numerous businesses, both large or small.

Do you work for a multinational? Are you in business for yourself? Club Imprimerie can offer you group rates and help you save.