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Don’t worry! Trust our expert team to

guide you to the best technologies, specifically adapted to your needs.

Say goodbye to a long waiting times and

extras fees for the slightest change!

With our solutions, manage and update your website yourself and your customers will have access to the right information at any time.

Are you looking for a team to help you create a website which specifically answers to your business' goals? Our team has all the expertise and skills which will meet your expectations.

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What do you do and who do you contact when

the website does not work properly?

Sleep soundly! We will take care of everything from putting your site online to a carefully selected solution for website hosting.

We've got you covered! The client and user experience is an aspect that we take to heart.

Our graphic designers will make sure to

create your website to reflect your image.

We will integrate the elements that make up

your brand and which distinguish you

from your competitors in an intuitive graphic interface.

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Here are some of our achievements

Gabriel Rancourt Production

Development of an adaptive bilingual web platform with the objective of promoting the outstanding work of Gabriel Rancourt. The focus was therefore on the photos, including the integration of a video plug-in who’s been developed in-house, allowing the visitors to immerse themselves in his universe.

All of this was accomplished while maintaining a quick navigation speed to avoid loading times.


The integrated Content Management System allows Gabriel Rancourt to manage and modify his content and update his website regularly.

Gabriel Rancourt Productions


Development of a non-transactional adaptive bilingual e-commerce web platform, allowing clients of DX Design to book their decoration items online.

The focus has been on custom-made products and designs

of DX Design, so the visitors can get an overview of their expertise.

The integration of the video plug-in on the home page

has been developed for this project, immersing the

clients in the DX Design world.


Implementation of a Content Management System allows DX Design to update their website and products list at any time.


Vigi Legal Services

Development of an adaptive web platform highlighting Vigi Legal Services unique brand image: young and refreshing, distinguishing themselves from their competitors. The website is coupled with an advanced social networking content strategy.

Vigi Services Juridiques

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